What is Pandemic?

Pandemic is the outbreak of the disease which spreads quickly across the borders of the countries or multiple continents or worldwide. It affects the wide geographical area and a high proportion of people.
Some of the worst pandemics are influenza pandemic, cholera, Spanish flu, and bubonic plague. The first cholera pandemic originated in 1817 in India. After that, there were many cholera pandemic outbreaks in other countries like Yemen, South America. There are a total of seven Cholera pandemics cycles occurred in the past 200 years. Cholera is a bacterial disease which is caused by contaminated water which leads to severe diarrhea and dehydration. Thirty-eight million people died due to cholera pandemic in six pandemic cycle.

Spanish flu was caused by the H1N1 influenza A virus. It is also known as the 1918 flu pandemic. It infected 500 million people which was one-third part of the population at that time. The symptoms of Spanish flu was cough, sneeze, chills, fever, fatigue, a respiratory disorder etc. The virus was highly contagious. The people who were infected either died or developed immunity. Around 12 million people died worldwide due to this Spanish flu pandemic.

COVID 19 pandemic

Novel Coronavirus pandemic originated from Wuhan, city of China. The first case of pneumonia was reported to WHO Country Office on 31st December 2019. Novel Coronavirus was named as “Covid 19” by World Health Organization on 11th February 2020. The strain of this virus is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The symptoms of Covid-19 pandemic are dry cough, tiredness, respiratory disease like pneumonia which spread quickly during sneezing, coughing, talking. During these, the saliva droplets from the mouth, nose come in contact with the ground or onto other surfaces. Take proper precautions to

COVID-19 Pandemic in India

The first case of the Covid-19 pandemic in India was reported on 30th January 2020. The person was from Kerala and had past travel history of Wuhan. As of 8th May 2020. India has a total of 52,952 infected cases, 15,267 recovered, and 1783 died. The fatality rate of the Covid-19 pandemic in India is 3.37%.
All India Institute Of Medical Science (AIIMS) Delhi Director Randeep Guleria is stated that Coronavirus cases likely to hit a peak in June-July.

COVID 19 Pandemic Lockdown in India

The Government of India declared the 14-hour complete lockdown “Janta Curfew” in 22 states and Union territories of India on 22nd March. After one day, the PM Narender Modi announced a complete nationwide lockdown for 21 days. Several Government Ministers suggested extending the lockdown because the decision of lockdown makes slower the growth rate of transmission of the novel coronavirus. At the end of this lockdown, PM Narendra Modi reached the lockdown nationwide till 3rd May. Only essential service is running during the lockdown. On 1st May, the PM announced the extending of Covid-19 pandemic lockdown of two weeks till 17th May.
The Government of India divided the entire nation into mainly three zones. Red Zone, Green Zone and Orange Zone. This division of zone is based on the number of cases, doubling rate, the extent of testing. Metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai etc. are considered in Red Zone. In Red Zone, liquor shop is allowed to open except containment area. In Green and Orange Zone, liquor shop, barbers and salons are allowed to open, and inter-district movement of the private car is allowed, maximum three-person (including the driver).
The side-effects of lockdown are loss of a job, high unemployment rate, business shut down, starvation and unfavorable economic conditions.

The increasing number of infected cases and death, news, and reports are going to make you fearful. But you have to make yourself positive during these tough times. Here are some tips to stay active and positive during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Tips to stay active during Covid-19 pandemic lockdown

Enjoy Gardening. If you have a garden in the house or even some plants, then shower the water on them. Take care of them. It will enhance your mood and reduce your stress level.
Play Indoor games. Play chess, ludo, carom board, cards with your family during this Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. It is the best time to enjoy with your family and kids.
Enjoy dancing. Dance with family or solo on your favorite song. It will relax your chaotic mind.
Enjoy house cleaning. House cleaning is the most boring part. Try to do some fun along with cleaning household items. Try to listen to songs, dance while cleaning. Try to do some work in a new way.
Enjoy sunrise. Sunrise and sunset are the best part of the day. During sunrise, try to do some stretching, meditation, reading, etc. Because at that time, you have a calm mind. Sunrise also provides Vitamin d, which helps to develop immunity.
Enjoy sunset. Sunset with earphones playing your favorite song with green tea or coffee will enhance your mood. It will help you to heal mentally and spiritually.
Do some stretching. Start some stretching at home. Stretching will help you to prevent stiffness in back, shoulders and strengthen your muscles.
Start yoga. Yoga is the best practice to relax your mind and body. It will help you to grow physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It also helps you to lose weight.
Learn a new skill. Try to utilize this time as much as possible. Learn a new skill, a new instrument, and new things. Learn from books, online courses, or YouTube.


COVID 19 pandemic lockdown makes us lazy, scared, and tense. But we can’t do anything except to stay home and follow precautions. It is our duty to stay positive during these tough times. It is our choice to stay positive and face all the problems or stay negative and run away from the problems.
So stay positive, stay safe, and stay home.

“Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder”

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