What is PUBG, a whole guide to everything you need to know about

I am 100% sure that you heard about the word “pubG” in your lifetime. Even if you never download pubg game in your lifetime, but you know that something “chicken dinner” is related to PubG.
Am I right?
Thanks. I get your voice.
Actually, PubG is getting popular day by day and the reasons are specific valid. I covered the reasons in this guide. So follow me to get your all answers straight.
Let’s get started

What is PubG?

PubG stands for PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds.
PubG is an online multiplayer battle royale king of game designed by Brendan Greene, developed and published by PubG Corporation, which is a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. It was released on 30 July 2016.
In this game, you can compete with the other 100 players and the survivor will be the winner and will get the chicken dinner. You can play as a solo mode with other 99 players, duo mode with other 98 players, or squad mode with other 96 players.

Requirements for playing PubG game online:

• Age should be more than 16 years
• An Internet connection
• Android device (Android version >= 5.1 and RAM >= 2GB) or iOS (iOS version > = 9.0)

Modes of PubG game

  1. Classic mode
    In classic mode, the player land on an island with 100 players where he/she can choose one map from the three types of maps and can play it according to that map. The maps are Miramar, Erangel, Shank.
    The player has a choice to play as sole mode, duo, or squad. The interesting part is that you always meet new people when you play as a duo or squad.
  2. Zombie mode
    Zombie Mode is the same as classic mode but there are zombies who can kill you while playing. These zombies are for a limited time and there is no actual zombies timeline set for their removal.
  3. Arcade
    In Arcade mode, there is a 28 player mode in which each quick match has one of six variations with its own them. This limits the weapons to a single type, removes them completely, or have players access all weapons and gears. The player can play as solo, duo, or squad.
  4. Practice mode
    This mode is for those players who are new to this game. The player can practice in this mode and polish their gaming skills.

Tips and Trick to follow in Pubg game:

  1. Run in a zig-zag way when somebody is going to shoot you.
  2. Never assume you are alone.
  3. Decide your jump destination before a jump.
  4. Keep in mind always that anyone can attack you from anywhere.
  5. Use your tools and vehicles smartly.
  6. Distribute your loots among your teammates.
  7. Neverland in the water.
  8. Loot first, shoot later.
  9. Distract your opponents as much as you can.
  10. Learn to use a compass to track your enemies.

Why PubG so popular?

On December 2019, pubG announced their milestone achievement on their twitter handle that 600 Million games download globally. So what exactly made 600 million people download the PubG game?
The reasons for PubG popularity are:

  1. Amazing graphics and sound effects
    In PubG online game, there is a high quality of audio, and realistic gameplay effects. The players experience high-quality audio and 3D sound effects. It makes the gameplay more intensive.
  2. Always update the new idea
    When things get boring, the game developers start to update the PubG game. They always add new events, new weapons, new maps with diverse maps, and day/night options. This makes PubG more interesting.
  3. Healthy competition
    The game developer provides a powerful anti-cheat mechanism to prevent illegal techniques in PubG game. There is a fair environment in the entire game for all the players.
  4. Ease accessibility of PubG mobile
    PubG is a free game available on both android and iOS operating system. This game allowed all the players from every countries to perform in the battlefield.
  5. Suspense and survival tactics
    The game requires immense concentration in the entire game to become the last person to survive. The player needs to use various tactics and alertness to win the game and get the chicken dinner.
  6. Do and squad mode brings people together
    The player can play the game as a solo mode or duo or squad. In duo and squad mode, it works on the principles of teamwork. As part of the team, all players have to aware of the team strategies, team tactics, and enemy moments.

All these things make PubG game more interesting and addictive.

Side-effects of playing PubG

  1. Leads to addiction
    All the video games are addictive, PubG is no exception. The result of pubG addiction is restlessness, irritability when you are unable to play. It is bad for your brain and your body to play game for long hours.
  2. Irregular sleep pattern
    Addiction to PubG game makes you obsessed with the game. You sacrifice to lose sleep for a chicken dinner. This makes irregular sleep patterns which result in heart disorders, blood pressure disorders, strokes, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc.
  3. Mental health
    Staring to the mobile screen or laptop screen makes you lethargic which leads to a lack of energy or motivation for other productive things. This also leads to dementia in later life.
  4. Physical health
    Playing PubG for long hours results in eye strain, wrist and arms ache, back stiffness, neck and elbow pain, weakness or numbness in hands, etc.


Playing pubG is both good and bad for you. But how you can get to know that Pubg is good for you?
Spending time is the best indicator to get the answer.
Spending 1 or 2 hours on weekdays and 3 hours on weekends are good for your health.
So spend time wisely. Prioritize your work.
Use PubG to relax your mind.
Be productive. Be healthy

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