Roshan Singh Bisht’s Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt Ltd launches Asort App for ease of business

Features like ‘My Feed’ and ‘My Account’ are empowering users to evolve as a strong business community.

Asort Company part of Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt Ltd is revolutionizing the concept of Co-Commerce in India with its various set of community based business programs. It is a seamless integration of digital India and community based business activities. Now Roshan Singh Bisht and Asort Company is all set to spread its wings through smaller screens with its newly launched App. It is noteworthy to mention that from past few years Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt Ltd. Asort Company has been providing a common and remunerative platform to its members even when economic constraints suffered due to COVID pandemic, and now the Asort App has raised new hopes and opened new horizons. There are some of the core essences of this Asort App like:-
• More customer engagement
• Evolution of new business ideas
• Assured authenticity of online transactions
• Better interaction among/with community members
• Ability to monitor so far made progress and
• Inclusive growth for all

Asort App is merely not about making buying-selling process easy and advanced. Scrolling down through the Asort App, it offers major categories to explore like – ‘Personal’, ‘Business’, ‘Dashboard’, ‘Team Analytics’ etc. Further these categories offer diverse sections and sub-sections with multiple options to track and ensure and monitor the progress.
The product listings of brands like IFAZONE, Amiiga and Mr Huffman are more accessible and discoverable. The App is very easy to use and right now it is available in English, in coming few months it will be available in Hindi as well, although there is a plan to expand further and bring it in some other Indian languages as well.
While exploring further, Asort App offers “My Feed” section which is one of the distinct features of this App. It consists of the content for business community active on the app; it shows reviews from the digital influencers, vendor partners and the organization itself which further help business owners to transform their business journey and explore new possibilities. This App is very helpful for consumers as well to discover the products of various brands like IFAZONE, Amiiga and Mr Huffman and more.
It also helps to keep them updated for the relevant content and promote direct selling from community to the company and customers. – Roshan Singh Bisht Co- Founder of Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt Ltd.

Apart from that, the “Dashboard” section in the Asort App enables business owners to track their incentives, previous cycle revenue, credits available, business volume etc. which of course helps them to evaluate and strategies their business. One can segregate earnings as per sales and track the performance. Under “Team Analytics” which is one of the most prominent features of the App reflects the performance of business owners in real sense. It shows total community size and sales volume of a member.
Along with the ease of use with the advantage of portability, navigability of smart phones, Asort App is a sheer delight for associated micro-entrepreneurs. Unlike Asort Company’s website, the Asort App has added features that will showcase all products from all brands like IFAZONE, Amiiga and ABG in a completely new manner and light. It is more focused on user interface and user experience. It is available on IOS and Android. One can sign up with Asort App either through mobile number or the referral code, and start its business journey with Asort App, Roshan Singh Bisht Co- Founder of Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt Ltd.

Roshan Singh Bisht – CEO and Founder of Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt Ltd said that, “The Asort Company aspires to evolve with time and ready to add more user friendly features to the Asort App with time. It will help to engage more business owners and customers. Being a co-commerce platform, Asort Company believes in inclusive growth, hence people who are skeptical even about online shopping can contact our resellers in their area and buy products of all the famous brands like IFAZONE, Amiiga and Mr Huffman from them.”

Roshan Singh Bisht Co Founder of Asort Company strongly believes in empowering and helping business community. The cutting edge technology merged with innovative ideas from preexisting brands like IFAZONE, ABG and Amiiga would ensure to make the process holistically strong to deliver far more lucrative results.
There are many other features on this App which its members can explore and get benefitted from. Apart from buying-selling products from various brands like IFAZONE and Amiiga by Roshan Singh Bisht, this App enables its associated business owners to organize sessions, training programs with the community members, and such activities surely add more experiences to the existing knowledge and skills.

Undoubtedly such features and options add to the “ease of use” and faster the transactions. Roshan Singh Bisht believes that with the launch of this Asort app, Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt Ltd. Asort Company intends to add more ease to the business activities of its members and faster their growth.

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