Top 10 Youtubers in India

We watched YouTube many times but we never try to find who is the best. Every human has a different opinion for his Youtuber. But we have list some person on the behalf of subscriber and their popularity in India. All YouTubers have much different content and they work upon them and generate earing through it by creating the original content. So let’s have a look at these people staring at the young talent. Let’s go…

1. Amit Bhadana

This year at the number one position stands for Amit Bhanda. I personally was not following him, but after seeing his intro video I can not help stop myself subscribing to him. His channel is full of laugh and he has unique content with his Desi language that everyone should follow. A 24-year young boy born in Faridabad stands apart. 

Amit Badana is a household name in North India, especially in Haryana. His vines and sets are perfect representations of how people behave in the area on a daily basis. Furthermore, he has now taken on the responsibility of pointing out social issues through his videos as well, which has contributed to him becoming the individual with the highest number of subscribers in India, with over 19.4 million subscribers.

2. Ashish Chanchalini Vines

Ashish Chanchalini is also known as Millennial’s YouTuber of India is famous for making vines video. He is the 2nd YouTuber in India, who uses Vines in his youtube channel name. What does Vine stand for? Vine was a short-form video hosting service where people can upload and share six-second-long looping video clips. When vines stopped their service started moving there vines on social media like Youtube. His video is a must-watch for Bollywood lovers. Recently he has 18.2 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

Ashish Chanchlani is popular among youngs due to his hilarious comedy, which he does with his friends. He is great at it and has now become extremely popular in the entertainment industry. He hosts several shows as well and his stardom is only going to rise in the upcoming year.

3. BB ki Vines

Bhuvan Bam is all in one Indian YouTuber, Firstly he was started as a comedian but now he is a singer and songwriter as well. I bet he will make you smile on every video of him, He is a YouTube personality from Delhi. Recently he started endorsing lots of brands like Lenskart as a monetizing his youtube channel  BB Ke Vines. Creating a successful youtube channel or a website is a skill and converting the traffic into money is the next level of skill in which Bhuvan Bam. Recently he has 17.5 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

In India, the first name that comes to our minds when we say YouTuber is Bhuvan Bam. He showed the world how YouTube can actually change your life if you have the talent and good content. He was the first Indian YouTuber who reaches the first 10 million subscribers and there is no stopping him. Now, He has started singing and producing his own songs and short-films.

4. Carryminati

A 21-year young guy name Ajey Nagar from Faridabad is very popular among people. When it comes to the Carry Minati youtube channel, it stands totally different from what I have seen in other Indian YouTubers. His videos are fun to watch but definitely not NSFW. At the same time, there is always a hidden message in his video. He has gained a lot of subscribers nowadays due to this controversial and roast video “Youtube vs TikTok” where he replied to Amir Siddiqui in his way. Recently he has 17.2 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

5. Technical Guruji

Another name in the list is Technical Guruji which is run by Dubai based Indian engineer. The real name of the YouTuber person is Gaurav Chaudhary. He does all kinds of technical reviews of gadgets and electronics. Millions of people buy a phone or anything related to tech after watching his reviews, which just shows how strong the influence he has. He has improved his way of communicating with others ion youtube and he describes all the technical things about mobile and smartphones through his youtube channel. Recently he has 16.5 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

6. Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is only the first motivational speaker on our list. Many person followed him due to his motivational speeches. Every video of his will make you feel to go out and do something extraordinary in your life. His video is full of motivational speeches targetting real-life problems. Sandeep Maheshwari believes helping people and doing something good for the society that inspired him to take the initiative of changing people’s lives in the form of “Free Life-Changing Seminars and Sessions”. Recently he has 14.8 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

7. Fact Techz

Everyone has an amazing story like that this is an inspiring story of Rajesh Kumar who is the owner of India’s one of the biggest science and information channels named Facttechz. He is India’s first youngest YouTuber who achieved 10 million subscribers within 3 years. He has started his YouTube channel FactTechz on 24 July 2016 and now he has millions of subscribers. Recently he has 13.3 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

8.Round 2 Hell

In a candid chat, Zayn, Wasim, and Nazim, the three founders of Youtube channel Round2hell told us about their viral videos, how they create their content, and their most challenging video yet in the new series, Cyber Heroes. Zayn was a college drop-out from Zakir Hussain College. Wasim and Nazim were 12th passed from Alam College and Modern Public School respectively. The families of three friends were not supportive initially, but as the channel started gaining popularity and subscribers, the family members are happy. Recently he has 13.2 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

9. Dr. Vivek Bindra

Dr. Vivek Bindra’s youtube channel is gaining popularity at a constant pace. He is an Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker And A Business Coach. His video inspires thousands of Indians to do something out of the box. His channel is filled with lots of real-life case studies, which enable you to take a deep dive into the knowledge of his skill. Recently he has 12.3 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

10. Emiway Bantai

Emiway is one of the best rappers in India. He was born on the 13th of November 1995 in Mumbai. During his schooling stages too he used to be a wholesome student. He used to be a timid child who did not speak much. He has many p[opular songs like “Mahchanynge” which was very popular in India and has millions of views on it after that he got famous with all new songs and his popularity raised with many youtube subscribers. Recently he has 10.9 million subscribers on his youtube channel. 

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