What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the characteristic of the computer, which makes a machine to think and perform all those functions that a human mind can do. All the cognitive functions like learning, thinking, reasoning, remembering, problem-solving, decision making, speech understanding, perception, etc. can perform by machines. AI has diverse applications, from healthcare to self-driving cars.
In a nutshell, AI is solving complex problems in a ‘human way.’

Cool Alexa, I always thought robotics and AI are the same. Aren’t they?

AI and robotics are two different things. Robotics include building robots that perform physiology and roughly perform psychology functions. Robots work on our commands. AI is the programming in the machine to perform the cognitive function. We can program AI technology on the robots so that robots can itself observe the surrounding, evaluate it, and complete the task accordingly.
The robot is the body with or without mind. AI is simply the mind.
Some people think AI technology and robotics are the same because they are fascinated by sci-fi movies and novels like Avengers, The Matrix, Terminator Franchise, etc.

Indeed, Alexa, I am curious to know how AI technology works?

To understand the Artificial Intelligence working, you have to understand the basic components of AI.
The basic components of AI are:

Neural networks

A neural network is the same as the brain neurons network in humans. A neural network is a set of algorithm which is responsible for collecting the data, analyzing the data, processing the data, and make patterns with the previous data and generate the best outcome. Computers learn and improve their performance while collecting the data.
Neural network use in sales forecasting, weather forecasting, data validation, information extraction, machine translation, speech and image recognition, customer research, and risk management.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the branch of AI in which machines can learn from the data and improve their performance through experience. It uses the neural network model, statistics, operation research, and physics that generate insight and helps you to make better decisions and predictions.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is the broader subset of machine learning in Artificial Intelligence, which allows the machine to solve complex problems from the diverse and unstructured database. A deep learning network has relied on the multilayer of the neural network.
The application of deep learning is in self-driving cars, virtual assistant, fraud detection, language translation, automatic handwriting generation, coloring in black and white photos, photo description, pixel restoration, etc.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing or NLP is a linguistic process in which machines and human interaction with natural language. NLP involves the read, process, understand, and analyze a large amount of natural language data.
NLP used in voice text messaging, spell checker, spam filters, monitor and analyze feedback, search auto-complete. It also used in search autocorrect, smart search, messenger bots, knowledge-base support, customer service automation, social media monitoring, etc.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is a part of Artificial Intelligence in which machines can quickly identify and understand the objects in an image with the help of deep learning methods.
Computer Vision used in the health of crops, driverless car testing, medical diagnostic, facial recognition, analyze X-Ray and mammography scans, etc.

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing is a process in which machines solve complex problems by imitating human behavior and logical reasoning. Cognitive Computing relies on deep learning and neural network model.

These six primary components of AI technology are connected. AI works by processing a large amount of data with its intelligent algorithm and patterns. Machines learn from their mistakes and improve their performance.

Awesome. Alexa, I want to know the applications of AI.

AI in Healthcare

With advanced technology, AI eases the life of the patient, doctors, radiologist, pathologist, etc. Path AI company uses machine learning and deep learning techniques to diagnose the disease accurately. Similarly, the Buoy Health company uses a chatbot to listen to symptoms and analyze the symptoms and deliver the correct diagnosis. It is an AI-based symptom checker that uses an intelligent algorithm to diagnose and treat the symptoms.
In drug development, Bioxcel therapeutic Company based on Connecticut use AI to discover and develop new medicine in the field of neuroscience.

AI in Business

Automation in business helps to serve customers better and faster. Chatbots are integrated with the website and mobile applications to provide immediate service to the customer 24/7. AI also uses in CRM(Customer Relationship Management)
AI also helps the recruiters to screen the resume and rank the candidates according to the level of qualification and desirable skills.

AI in Education

AI technology helps in the education sector by automating the grading system and assessing homework. It also helps to eliminate the need to attend the classroom. Researcher study showed that how AI replace the teachers with the help of machine learning.

AI for Robotics

If AI technology used in robotics, then it becomes powerful because robots are the physical body that can do anything without any strain. AI provides the mind to the physical body, which helps robots to think, analyze, and process the data. Robots are mainly used in manufacturing, transport, surgery, laboratory research, and mass production of consumer and industrial goods.

AI in Media and Entertainment

OTT applications like Netflix and Amazon Prime uses AI to give the best experience to the customer. They use the customer watch history as data, analyze the data(user’s history), process the data(likes and dislikes), and deliver the data by using a robust algorithm. They provide quality content to the user based on their interest. Similarly, they use advertisements based on the user’s search on their search engine or their interest.

Alexa, please conclude all these things.

AI technology is a broad term that contains many inter-related components. From the automobile industry to entertainment, it is used widely in many applications.

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